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“Architecture is a responsive art. Without a client, there is no architecture. A successful client-architect relationship constitutes the cornerstone of fine architecture” (American Institute of Architects (AIA), 1975).

Such-a-way of thinking should have led to stronger solutions, resulting in a closer, more effective long-term relationships with less time wasted in conflict and the negative aftermath. More time for design could have been generated as a further positive outcome by adopting digital technologies and from making such a change in attitude and action (A Guide to successful client relationships: Susan Carmichael, 2002).

This research has an objective of offering a critique (understood as ‘a detailed analysis and assessment of something’) on reshaping architect-client relationship. It will suggest there has always been an immediate need to introduce real-world client interaction in architectural education, and that with the advent of digital technologies, the possibility of fulfilling this need now is much easier than ever before.  It will question the popular notion that architect-client relationship is central and relevant only to professional practice and argue that clients must be considered as an inseparable part of architectural education, which is currently focused on aesthetics, particularly for the benefit of prospective students.